Aaron Alexander – 
A Selected Discography

As a leader:

2003 – Aaron Alexander Sextet “Blues for Sparky

2005 – Aaron Alexander “Midrash Mish Mosh

2010 – Aaron Alexander & Julian Priester “Conversational Music

2015 – Aaron Alexander & “The Klez Messengers

2023 – 3 Song EP (Recorded 1998) “3 Dances for Merceditas”

Selected Sideman and Collective Recordings:

Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All-Stars with Eleanor Reissa – “Vilde Mekhaye (Wild Pleasure)”

THREAD OF BLUE  with Marty Fogel, Mitch Schechter, Brian Glassman, Tanya Smilowitz  “Bringing in the Sabbath

*Aaron Alexander “The Klez Messengers” w/Michael Winograd, Patrick Farrell    link is here

Arnold Hammerschlag – “No Face, No Name” w/Sam Bardfeld, Wil Holshouser, Brian Glassman

*Hasidic New Wave “The Complete Recordings” (Tzadik)

*Aaron Alexander & Julian Priester – Conversational Music
German Goldenshteyn Memorial Band – The Tradition Lives

Greg Wall’s Later Prophets – Ha’arot – poetry of Rav Kook(Tzadik)

Sy Kushner – “Journeys” (nulite music)
*Klezmerfest – “Life of the Party”

*Elaine Hoffman Watts: A Living Tradition (Aaron is producer) (Living Traditions)

Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York – Summer Suite (Libra Records)

Sy Kushner – “Arise” – Orignal Modern Klezmer Music 
Pioneers for a Cure –

Alex Kontorovich “Deep Minor” – (Chamsa)
Frank London – “A Night At The Old Marketplace” (Soundbrush)
Ray Musiker “A Living Tradition” –
with Pete Sokolow, Henry Sapoznik, Ken Maltz, Alex Kontorovich, & Jim Guttman (Living Traditions)

German Goldenshteyn – “A Living Tradition” (Living Traditions)
Satoko Fujii Orchestra NY – “Undulation” (Polystar)
Beyle Schachter-Gottesman – “Fli mayn flishlang”
Klez Kanada Compilation –
( w/ Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All-Stars, Alex Kontorovich’s Deep Minor, German Goldenshteyn)
George Mann & Julius Margolin – “Hail To the Thieves Vol. III”- Songs to Take Our Country Back

Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All-Stars “Carnival Conspiracy” (Piranha)
Binyomin Ginzburg – “Purim Sameach” (jewishmusician.com)
Satoko Fujii Orchestra – “South Wind” (re-release)(Libra)

**Aaron Alexander – “Midrash Mish Mosh” (Tzadik)

Greg Wall’s “Later Prophets” (Tzadik)

Greg Wall’s Unity Orchestra

Satoko Fujii Orchestra (West)- “Blueprint” (Natsat)
John Silverman “Resound to Sender” – (toysun.com)


*Aaron Alexander Sextet – ‘Blues for Sparky’

Satoko Fujii Orchestra – ‘The Future of the Past’ (Enja)

Klezmatics “Rise Up-Shteyt Oyf” (Rounder)

Boban Markovic’ Orkestar “Boban i Marko”(Piranha)

Margot Leveret & The Klezmer Mountain Boys – (Traditional Crossroads)

Susan Watts-Hoffman & Elaine Watts – ‘I Remember Klezmer’

Frank London – ‘Divan’ Motion Picture Soundtrack – a Film by Pearl Gluck

Anna Williams – ‘Odyssey’


Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All-Stars –  “Brotherhood of Brass” (Piranha)
*Hasidic New Wave w/Yakar Rhythms -‘From the Belly of Abraham’ (Knitting Factory)
*Klezmerfest – ‘Party Music’
Mikveh – ‘Mikveh’ (Traditional Crossroads)
Greg Wall – ‘Music from Mayne Mentshn’
*Jay Clayton Sextet – ‘The Piano-A Collection of Seattle’s Finest Jazz’ (Origin)
*Hasidic New Wave – ‘Knitting New Essentials’ (Knitting Factory)
David Fiuczynski – ‘Fretless Guitar Masters’ (Uncommon Records)

*Kleztraphobix – ‘Kleztraphobix’
Satoko Fujii Orchestra – ‘Double Take’ (Ewe)
Kevin Merrit – All the People
Yitzhak Ben Malkiel – ‘Virtuoso Klezmer Music from NY’
*Hasidic New Wave – ‘Kabalogy’ (Knitting Factory) 
Hasidic New Wave ‘Visions of Music: World Jazz’ 
Natsuki Tamura – ‘White & Blue’ (Buzz Records) 
Satoko Fujii Orchestra – ‘Jo’ (Buzz Records)

*Hasidic New Wave – ‘Live in Cracow’ (Not Two) 
Pink Noise Sax Quartet – ‘The Jig is Up’ (Pink Tomato) 
Hasidic New Wave – ‘Giuliani Uber-Alles EP’ (Knitting Factory) 
Hasidic New Wave – ‘Jewish Alternative Movement:A Guide for the Perplexed’ (Knitting Factory

Satoko Fujii Orchestra – ‘South Wind’ (Leo)
*Jay Clayton Sextet – ‘Circle Dancing’ (Sunnyside)
*Hasidic New Wave – ‘Psycho-Semitic’ (Knitting Factory)
Babkas – ‘Songlines Anthology’ (Songlines)

*Babkas – ‘Fratelli’ (Songlines)
Hasidic New Wave – ‘Jews & the Abstract Truth’ (Knitting Factory)

*Babkas – “Ants to the Moon” (Songlines)

1989 – 1993
*Babkas – “Babkas” (Songlines)
*Freeplay – ‘Tao’ (Unity)
*Jay Clayton/Jim Knapp Collective – ‘Tito’s Acid Trip’ (ITM Pacific)
The Mazeltones – ‘Zei Gezunt’ (Global Village)
*Timebone – ‘Tales of Extraordinary Non-Compos Mentis’
The Mazeltones – ‘Lattes and Latkes’ (Global Village)
*Timebone – ‘Timebone’