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Mazel Tov! Congratulations! 

Thanks for visiting our webpage. We would be happy to bring joyful music to your wedding,  b’nai mitzvah or other celebration!!

Aaron Alexander is expert at putting together the right music and the best musicians for weddings and parties.  He has led hundreds of parties and works with people from all walks of life.

The dancing at a wedding carries a potential for deeply meaningful experience.  It’s a time to bond with people in an heightened state. To experience this at an already joyful moment in our lives can be transformative. This is our goal,  what we strive to facilitate. We specialize in playing dance sets that get everyone on the floor for 30-60 minutes at a stretch.

Some groups needs some extra help to get there, and we can provide an excellent dance leader as well.

A few quotes from satisfied clients:

“I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the incredible music on our wedding day!!  The band was more amazing than we ever could have imagined—it was AWESOME!!  All of our guests commented on how we had the best band ever- they were blown away!  Also, your personal help over this past year, helping us put everything together, meant so much to us—you really helped make this huge, overwhelming project happen!!  We couldn’t be more thrilled with how everything came out!”  2015

“Aaron, just wanted to thank you for the great atmosphere you created on Sunday night. You also brought the klezmer and jumped around different music genres like we wanted. Thank you! Please pass on our thanks to the band members too.”  2018

“OMG!!! You all made the wedding! We’ve received so many compliments on the joyous wedding vibe in general and the music in particular. You all were amazing!”  2018

“Hi Aaron! Wow. You guys just killed it at our wedding. Huge thanks — everyone had an amazing time.” 2019

We have provided music for hundreds of weddings over the past 30 years. Kosher weddings, mixed weddings, we do it all.

Real New York Jazz and Swing is another of our specialties. It’s been a passion since childhood.

We can provide Great dance music from the past 100 years – Rock, Pop, R & B, Soul, Motown, you name it.

We would be happy to provide music for your event.

Feel free to email us at: